Silver City Sarasota is your source for genuine gemstones for sphere jewelry. These 12mm gemstone balls are specifically designed to go with sphere jewelry pendants and rings. We sell sterling silver sphere jewelry bases and a huge selection of gemstone spheres at competitive prices. Find spheres in a full spectrum of colors and high-end stone materials in our online catalog or at our Sarasota store location. 
Types of Gemstone Spheres We Offer
Your sphere jewelry is only as good as the spheres you place inside it. At Silver City Sarasota, we are connoisseurs of genuine gemstones. We guarantee that all our jewelry products fit their descriptions. If you’re looking for unique and beautiful spheres for your jewelry, we are sure to have what you want. We have sphere jewelry gemstones in a wide variety of materials, including:
Adventurine Agate Amethyst Calsilica Citrine Crystal Fiber optic Glass Hematite Howlite Jade Jasper
Labradorite Mother of pearl Obsidia Onyx Opal Quartz Sandstone Sodalite  Titanium Unakite    
Prices range according to the material, starting at $6.99 and going up to $69. Find a sphere in virtually any color of the rainbow – many featuring multiple colors in one sphere. The Matrix spheres are a popular option at Silver City Sarasota because they give the wearer a 100% unique stone. No two Matrix balls are alike! We sell Matrix balls in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and multicolored spheres.
If you want ultra-affordable multicolored spheres, we suggest calsilica. Calsilica (a mix of calcite, plastic, and color pigments) is a manmade material with vibrant and bold layers of color. Its distinctive coloration makes it a beautiful option for jewelry. We have calsilica in almost any color combination you can imagine. Purchase any calsilica sphere for just $6.99. Sphere jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind, giving you the opportunity to customize your accessories. Let Silver City Sarasota be your partner for your sphere collection. Shop online now! Sort your search options by price, name, bestsellers, and newest items for easy browsing. Or visit our store in Sarasota from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday to pick out your perfect sphere design.