Looking for cute, funky, and fabulous charms to add to your favorite bracelet, chain, or necklace? Silver City Sarasota has top-quality jewelry in a variety of high-end materials, options, and styles. Our sterling silver charms make the ideal addition to any piece of jewelry. Purchase one as a keepsake of beautiful Siesta Key, or as a token of your love for a friend or family member. Browse our online catalog or visit our Sarasota location to see the charms in person. We are open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays. 
Bring a Piece of Siesta Key Home with You 
Regardless of your style or budget, you’re sure to take home the ideal adornment for your favorite jewelry. Buy a piece featuring sea life, shells, sand dollars, starfish, dolphins, palm trees, waves, or the inscription “Siesta Key.” We have dozens of potential keepsakes for you or a special someone. From multicolored opal sea turtles to stunning sterling silver pendants, we have it all!
While you’re browsing our selection of charms, we hope you look at our exquisite Siesta Key Watercolor Gemstone. This color-infused quartz property gemstone represents the hues of Siesta Key’s sea, sky, and sun. Silver City Sarasota is the only place you can buy this special gemstone. When you look into its crystalline blue-green depths on a sterling silver bracelet, pendant, earrings, or ring, you’ll be transported right back to the gorgeous Gulf. 
Why Shop Silver City Sarasota?
At Silver City Sarasota, you get boutique-style service. Our employees are dedicated to customer satisfaction. The customer experience is important to us. We want to create a relaxed and enjoyable shopping excursion for tourists, visitors, and locals. We will personally help you choose the perfect sterling silver charm that will remind you of your time in Siesta Key for years to come.
Our shop provides fresh, unexpected, and unique sterling silver designs. We have a wide selection of handcrafted souvenirs such as the Dune Jewelry Sand Collection, made with real Siesta Key sand. We also carry the popular Kameleon Pop Jewelry collection, including charms and accessories. Shop now!