Siesta Key Sand Jewelry

If you love Siesta Key, don’t miss the Siesta Key Dune Jewelry Collection by Holly Daniels Christensen. Featured on Entertainment Tonight, all our sand jewelry pieces are handmade with authentic Siesta Key sand (always lawfully attained), set in shiny sterling silver of silver plate. The Sand & Silver technique marries two mediums in stunning and unusual jewelry designs. Take a piece of the real Siesta Key beaches with you wherever you go with this amazing collection.
The Dune Collection at Silver City Sarasota
Siesta Key sand jewelry is extra special, because our sand consists of 99.9% natural quartz. While quartz is a common element in beach sand, it’s typically mixed with a lot of crushed seashells, stones, and other materials. Siesta Key is a rare beach with sand that’s almost 100% quartz! It’s what gives our sand its luxurious, soft feel and sparkling white appearance. 
Choose from handmade sand jewelry pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more at Silver City Sarasota. Our associates personally collect the Siesta Key sand that goes into each of these original pieces. Let us turn your beach passion into an incredible, one-of-a-kind keepsake you’ll cherish for years to come. Purchase a matching jewelry set or one standalone piece to stand out in your jewelry collection. Every time you wear your special sand jewelry, you’ll remember days spent lying on the crystalline beaches of Siesta Key, staring into the depths of the blue-green waters.
Your vacation memories of Siesta Key can last a lifetime with an item from the Dune Collection. Choose a sand capsule pendant with “Siesta Key” laser engraved on the bottom, or a piece of jewelry that showcases the sand in a unique way, such as the square beach sand bead, sand wave bangle with matching earrings, or starfish pendant. Popular choices include beach sand rings, the sterling silver sandbar bracelet, and the eye-catching sand dollar pendant. We also have accessories such as wine stoppers and charms. We have dozens of attractive Dune Collection options to choose from, all with real Siesta Key sand. 
Shop our online catalog today or stop into our store in Sarasota to browse this unique collection.