Sphere Jewelry

Sphere jewelry is a trend you don’t want to miss. These amazing interchangeable rings and necklaces let you have total control of your look – the ultimate freedom of expression. Sphere jewelry is a unique and affordable way to get more value from your jewelry. With dozens of genuine gemstone types and colors to choose from, you’ll be able to wear your sphere jewelry with virtually any ensemble. Match your jewelry to your clothes, mood, or occasion in just a few seconds with this simple interchange system. Each gemstone option is more beautiful than the next, opening the doors to a world of fashion exploration.
Sphere Jewelry Available at Silver City Sarasota
Silver City Sarasota offers a variety of sterling silver sphere jewelry, all handmade and able to accommodate interchangeable genuine gemstone spheres. We currently have the round ball pendant or square ball pendant to string on a chain as a necklace. The round ball pendant creates a delicate loop of sterling silver, wrapping around and gently grasping the gemstone sphere at the bottom of the circle. The square model does the same, but in a small square shape instead of a round loop. Both options hold gemstone spheres securely in sterling silver arms. 
We also carry sphere jewelry sterling silver rings, currently available in two different styles. Purchase the necklace and the ring to mix and match different gemstone sets! Each ring or necklace comes with six 12mm genuine gemstone balls. You have a lovely assortment to choose from – six different groupings of all the gemstones sphere jewelry has to offer. Click on a sphere jewelry option to view the six groups of gemstones in detail. They include options such as red jade, black onyx, purple howlite, pink quartz, and amethyst. 
If you already have enough sphere options and want to buy the accompanying jewelry without the six included stones, call (941) 349-5030 to order just the ring or necklace for a discounted price. You can also visit our Spheres page to browse and buy a specific gemstone. We have dozens of colors and material options to choose from. Collect them all for endless accessorizing opportunities.