Destination Beads Jewelry

Thinking about starting a bead jewelry collection? Congratulations! Beads are one of the most creative ways to express yourself. The reflection bead jewelry at Silver City Sarasota is the perfect way to begin your journey. Our reflection bead jewelry is top quality and guaranteed to fit our descriptions. Choose from genuine sterling silver or leather jewelry options to start your bead masterpiece. All our bead jewelry can accommodate standard bead sizes, so you can grow your collection anywhere. Start in Siesta Key for beautiful, handcrafted beads to remind you of our beautiful beaches. 
Types of Bead Jewelry in Stock
At Silver City Sarasota, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We always have the bead jewelry our customers most want in stock. We carry different types, materials, and options for bead jewelry, all designed to hold our reflection beads. Beads are all sold separately. Here are some options we have available:
All of our bead jewelries use lobster clasps, so you can rest assured it won’t pop open and drop your beloved beads. You can use hinged clip beads to prevent them from sliding around if desired. Each option makes it simple to add, remove, or change beads as many times as you want. 
Silver City Sarasota is home to a variety of gorgeous beads for your jewelry. From genuine gemstones and sterling silver to uniquely cut stones, we have almost anything you can imagine. We offer everything in one place so you don’t have to shop at multiple stores to begin your custom bead jewelry. Get started today!