The heart of the fantastic Kameleon Pop Jewelry collection at Silver City Sarasota is the JewelPops, or the inserts that fit into the lovely sterling silver or enamel settings. JewelPops come in a rainbow of colors to choose from. 
About Kameleon Pop Jewelry
Kameleon Jewelry has created the world’s first interchangeable jewelry that spans the entire spectrum of designs – earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings. Carefully crafted to accept small interchangeable inserts (JewelPops), the wearer can easily swap out the central stone in any piece of jewelry and place it into a different type. Now you can wear your favorite jewel in a variety of settings, or your favorite setting with a variety of jewels. Kameleon puts the choice in your hands – the ultimate freedom of expression in fashion. 
Our JewelPops Selection
The JewelPops at Silver City Sarasota are available in dozens of beautiful designs, materials, and colors. Kameleon packs tons of value into these small JewelPops, tastefully decorating each. Some boast sparkling cubic and Swarovski crystals while others have realistic synthetic opal or genuine semi-precious stones. Delicate artwork and intricate designs grace the faces of each insert, giving each a unique and beautiful look. With designs such as paw prints, beach scenes, sea life, animals, letters, holiday themes, cancer awareness, and many more, we’re sure to have one that represents you. Some JewelPops even feature a combination of colors and materials for truly unique pieces. From sparkling champagne-colored cubic zirconia to olive jasper rocks, there is a JewelPop for all budgets and trends.
Whether you’re looking for delicate fleur-de-lis accents to rugged, natural semi-precious stones, Silver City Sarasota has a JewelPop for everyone. And the best thing about Kameleon Pop Jewelry is that you don’t have to choose just one – buy multiple JewelPops to complement any outfit or occasion. When you buy Kameleon Pop Jewelry, your loved ones will always know what to get you – more JewelPops! We have JewelPops to suit virtually any taste or desire. Shop our online catalog or stop by our Sarasota store today to browse the Kameleon Jewelry collection. We are open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
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