Looking for the perfect something to give a loved one, or are you looking for something that is as unique as you are? The jewelers at Silver City Sarasota recommend Pop Jewelry from Kameleon Pop Jewelry, an innovative collection of interchangeable pendants. Every pendant design was created to accommodate small inserts called JewelPops. The JewelPops easily pop in and out of the pendant base, turning one piece of jewelry into your favorite, most versatile piece in your jewelry box. 
With JewelPops in almost any color and material imaginable available at our shop, your pendant will become a representation of your tastes, personality, and style. There is nothing quite like Pop Jewelry pendants in terms of flexibility and freedom of expression. Turn your pendant into a unique and beautiful illustration of you, or buy a pendant for a loved one. 
Types of JewelPops for Pendants
Pendants have never been as beautiful or as versatile as they are with Pop Jewelry. Customers come to us as a local Kameleon retailer from around the state, interested in securing the latest JewelPop for their stunning sterling silver pendants. Silver City Sarasota carries the pendant inserts in a variety of colors and materials, including:
  • Black and white jasper
  • Blue sunstone
  • Decorative sterling steel
  • Elegant Swarovski crystals
  • Glass in all colors of the rainbow
  • Glittering cubic zirconia in several hues
  • Red zebra jasper
  • Shiny enamel
  • Synthetic opal
PopRocks are semi-precious and cut from a single natural stone. Each color symbolizes something, adding even more meaning to your pendant. For example, the black and white jasper promotes perseverance, self-confidence, and stress relief. Learn the meaning behind your chosen PopRock to make it even more special. Since they are cut from semi-precious stones, no two PopRocks are the same. 
Remember – JewelPops fit into all Kameleon Pop Jewelry, not just pendants! Expand your collection with Kameleon necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, and more, using the same JewelPops you purchase for your pendant. Find JewelPops with charming faceted crown-shaped settings, flat tops, intricate designs, and so much more. Purchase sterling silver necklaces to match your new Kameleon pendant and wear your masterpiece for years to come – always with a different stunning insert.
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