Jump aboard the Kameleon Pop Jewelry train with a stunning first piece from Silver City Sarasota. We boast a large selection of jewelry and corresponding JewelPops in shining sterling silver or enamel settings. Select the bracelet, pendant, earrings, or ring that speaks to you and then pick out one or multiple JewelPops, the inserts you “pop” into the Kameleon Pop Jewelry that turns one piece into as many different pieces as you want. The beauty of Kameleon Pop Jewelry is its versatility and flexibility, enabling you to create endless, unique looks. But before you have fun mixing and matching different JewelPops, you must select your jewelry base. 
Your Source for Sterling Silver Kameleon Pop Jewelry
At Silver City Sarasota, we’ve partnered with Kameleon Jewelry to bring our customers a wide selection of jewelry base options (JewelPops sold separately). You can choose from a large selection of unique necklaces, bracelets, stud and dangling earrings, and standout rings. We have handcrafted enamel flower pendants in a variety of colors, as well as stunning sterling silver options. You can also choose from single-, double-, or multi-pendant options. 
Sterling silver pendants and rings have myriad setting options, all intricately designed and carefully crafted for the highest quality finished piece. Find pieces shaped like hearts, the sun, swirls, wings, flowers, keys, and more. No matter what type of jewelry you have in mind, Kameleon is sure to have a suitable piece. Once you select your base, head over to our wide selection of stunning JewelPops, featuring an array of colors and materials. Indulge in beautiful semiprecious stones, synthetic opals, and sparkling cubic and Swarovski crystal JewelPops in every color of the rainbow. 
With dozens of JewelPop designs, you’ll never run out of ways to wear your Kameleon Pop Jewelry. Purchase a beautiful sterling silver necklace and a handful of JewelPops for several necklaces in one. Switch our your JewelPops daily to match your mood or occasion, and your Kameleon Pop Jewelry can be changed out to complement virtually any outfit. Silver City Sarasota helps customers join the thousands of people who have discovered Kameleon Pop Jewelry, offering pieces at reasonable prices and with our quality guarantee. 
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