About Philip Stein

Philip Stein marries natural well-being technology and simple elegance in a line of stunning, innovative watches and sleep bracelets. These items are the ultimate luxury for anyone who wants a simple, natural, and effective way to improve sleep. Sleep bracelets contain metal disks that function like antennae, picking up frequencies and channeling them throughout your body. The Phillip Stein collection at Silver City Sarasota includes:
  • Classic Sleep Bracelet, $425. This black stainless steel bracelet sits comfortably on your wrist with a soft, microfiber strap, also in black. The bracelet can help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and awake feeling refreshed.

  • Classic Sleep Bracelet, beige, $395. This unisex sleep bracelet has a soft beige microfiber strap and a silver stainless steel face. It improves your body’s natural melatonin production and helps regulate your sleep cycle.

  • Horizon bracelet, $240. This bracelet features a removable Horizon icon that uses Natural Frequency Technology to help you feel more focused and relaxed. Choose between a shiny silver stainless steel and a rose gold plated Horizon icon. The soft leather strap comes in black with stainless steel accents or white with rose gold plated accents. Priced separately, the icon is $165 and the bracelet is $75.

The technology used to develop the Philip Stein watch and sleep bracelet collection helps increase melatonin production and improve your sleep cycle. The company believes in bringing people back to their roots, not increasing the number of artificial frequencies in the world. Since 2003, Philip Stein has created watches and accessories designed to help wearers sleep, relax, and focus. A better night’s sleep means a more productive next day.
More About Our Philip Stein Collection
Silver City Sarasota offers free shipping on all Philip Stein products. Mix and match the colors of your calming Horizon bracelet with an icon that slides easily on and off the leather strap. The lightweight, microfiber straps of the sleep bracelets feature holes that give a comfortable, breathable feel – you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. The television show The Doctors featured the Horizon bracelet, saying it displayed contemporary fashion, culture, and design. As part of our passion for offering customers the very best jewelry and accessories in Siesta Key, we’re proud to offer Philip Stein products. 
Silver City Sarasota is the only Philip Stein AUTHORIZED retailer  and Service center in Florida’s west coast.  A Swiss trained and AWCI certified watch technician can change your battery, crystal, crowns, seals or fix any Philip Stein Watch with original Parts. Our Store is equipped with a full service Watch and Jewelry repair shop.

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